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Baron Battle Speaks!

Here's the transcription of Baron Battle's speech. How he managed to transmit over the CD player, I have no idea. (listen)

[Maniacal Laughter]
Baron Battle, here! Are you there heroes? Are you there? You think I didn’t know about your little gathering? I saw the secret message on that invitation. I figured out your code.

[Maniacal Laughter]
I know all about you heroes, and that do-gooder the Rainbow Bridgeman. That’s why I’ve had my friend Royale Pain make up a special machine.
We call it the Evil-A-Tor!

[More Maniacal Laughter]
I’ve hidden the Evil-A-Tor right there in the house. The first thing it did was take away all your powers.And now, it’s going to start turning people evil!

[More laughing]
You’ll never find it in time! You’ll all be turned evil! [More laughing] Just like me!
[More laughing]


Agent 57 Answers

Here is the transcription Agent 57's transmission. We were lucky to have him on our side! (listen)

Can you hear me? Can you hear?
Listen, we don’t have much time. Agent 57 here.
Things aren’t as bad as the Baron thinks.

Those badges you’re wearing give each of you a super power. It’s not much, but it will have to be enough.

This is important. Make sure everyone is wearing a badge. The Badges turn green when someone is evil. When you see someone with a green badge, shoot him with one of the Green Spark’s cans. He’ll give you one when you need it.

So go on with your games, and keep an eye out for clues. Find the machine before 6:30 and destroy it.

I’m counting on you, Rainbow Bridgeman. I’m counting on all of you.

Good luck Heroes.

This is Agent 57, and I am out.

The 6th Birthday Party: Living a Comic Book

When our 5 year old turned 6, he asked if we could do a superhero theme for his birthday party. We said yes. Here's the story.

Getting Started

All guests (about 20 kids and 30 grownups) were invited to wear costumes. The kids all did, the adults... not so much. No matter, though. Upon arrival, everyone was issued a badge.

Adults in costumes received Sidekick badges.
Adults without costumes were Innocent Bystanders. Kids received Hero badges with their hero names written on them, and then selected a superpower to go with them. There were three types of superpowers:

  1. Super Strong
  2. Super Fast
  3. Flying

The Green Spark!
Nobody is really sure where The Green Spark is from or what the emblem on his chest means.

Just as the party was starting, I fell unconscious in the bedroom, the first of many to succumb to the evil Baron Battle.

Fortunately, The Green Spark showed up to take my place. He ran the party with Earth Woman at his side.

After a little free-play, The Green Spark gathered everyone in the den to explain the party's games.

Here's a rough transcript of the Green Spark's opening comments...

"Welcome heroes! Are you ready for some games? Great! Agent 57 and I have put together some great games that are not only fun, but will help train you to be more powerful super heroes. First off, does everyone have a badge? Good. Agent 57 had told me that was important. In fact..."

That's when a strange cackling interrupted The Green Spark. A transmission forced its way through the party music and blared out over our stereo speakers. It was Baron Battle!

Baron Battle had hidden an Evil-A-Tor inside the house! It took away everyone's powers and would be turning them evil! (Click here to hear him). Just as Baron Battle finished, a new transmission came through.

It was Agent 57! (Click to hear him). Agent 57 explained that we still had hope. The Badges gave each hero the super power on it (Super Strong, Super Fast, or Flying).

Also, when someone was turned evil, their badge would turn green. Finally, The Green Spark had a cache of Silly String cans. Once an Evil person was identified, the heroes could shoot him (or her) with Silly String to make him better. After all, no one can stay evil when hit by Silly String.

Thus reassured, they started the games.

Suddenly, The Green Spark received a call on his walkie talkie from Agent 57!

He shouted "Alarm 1, Alarm 1" and set all the heroes to looking for green badges.

Earth Woman's badge had turned green! The heros caught her and used the Silly String.

Then, it was on to the games. The first was a race of sorts, with the Fast heroes running bean bags to the Flyers. The Flyers then flew them to the Strong heroes, who threw them great distances at the target.

Alarm 2! Alarm 2!

It was another alarm. The heroes ran, searching everywhere... This time it was some Innocent Bystanders! They were devious, hiding in the crowds, turning and spinning to prevent their badges from being seen. The heroes caught them and applied the Silly String.

The next game was formations. Using the formations from the Top Secret Manilla envelope Agent 57 had hidden in the house, the heroes matched the patterns and practiced working as a team.

Another Alarm sounded!

This time, it was Alarms 3 and 4. More villains were caught, and Silly Strung.

Innocent Bystander

Finally, with the games complete (the obstacle course was skipped due to rain), Earth Woman led a parachute celebration and awarded Certificates of Completion to the heroes.

But Wait! What's that on the Certificates?

Agent 57 had hidden a code in the Certificates! Using a mirror, the heroes deciphered the code and discovered that each badge held a part of a puzzle hidden inside it!

Frantic to find the Evil-A-Tor, they ripped open their badges, assembled the puzzle, and found the Evil-A-Tor, just in time. It was a Pinata. They tore into it, disabling the horrible device. Then they ate its innards...but we're trying not to think about that part too much.

Having saved the universe (or at least themselves), the heroes all settled down to watch Sky High (a Disney superhero movie) and eat hot dogs and cake.

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